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Einstein St, Unit 10-11, Swakopmund


We Specialise in:


Solar systems, power supply for mobile homes, vans and campers.
Roof tents, awnings, windows, skylights and folding roof installations.
Vehicle conversions and superstructures (spare wheel holder, winches, bumpers)  
Chassis adjustments, or reinforcements (suspension, shock absorber)
Professional stainless-steel and aluminium works



We will always guarantee you a reliable and professional service with individually and uniquely handcrafted products.

Our experts also offer personalized consultations, as it is our mission to ensure that we meet your expectations, your exact needs, wants and requirements.



Interior view of Our Shop

We are very proud to inform you that we are the Namibian representatives for Alu Cab and Scheel-Mann, who are specialists in orthopaedic automotive seating. Their products add great value to our creations. Not only do we make use of their products, but we also sell them individually in our shop.


We also support Lumeno, a brand that we can rely on. Visit our shop to view their amazing range of products. Our shop is in the Industrial Area in Swakopmund, which offers second hand and new mobile home accessories and products. These products also include individual roof tents, vehicle accessories, geysers, locks, hinges, gas lifts, latches, and any other off-road necessities.




A motor home is a great solution for people, who love to travel and require a sense of independence. It is a lifestyle and a way to explore the world in the comfort of your own ‘home’.


It provides a personalized bathroom, a comfortable place to sleep, a place to cook amazing meals, and a place to experience adventures and making new memories.


The interior of a mobile home can be stylish and warm, and yet adapted to transport passengers, animals and accommodate a big amount of luggage, camping gear, bicycles, motorbikes, even quad-bikes.


Joiner & Cabinet "Tischlerei Lorenz" are our joinery specialists, who specialize in the wooden interior work furnishings and finishes. Their warm touch, add the final uniqueness to your mobile home.


All their wooden building materials are light, of high quality, and imported from Germany.


Just like people differ, so does every mobile home that we design, build and innovate. Not one mobile home is like the other and every mobile home has its own unique features.


Let us turn your dream mobile home into reality.





 My father, Mr. Andy Bauer, had a big passion for adventures, and creating new memories in our mobile home.


He imported secondhand mobile homes from all over Europe. Some of these mobile homes he renovated, modified, and others he re rebuild and innovated completely to suit customer needs and wants.


This passion, he has passed onto me. Camping trips with our mobile home has become a very important part of our lives, and so did the mobile home conversions and stainless-steel work.

I turned my passion into my profession, and I love what I do!


I completed my apprenticeship as mechanic at Mercedes Benz in Konstanz, Germany.

For 12 years I worked as a technician at a pharmaceutical factory, with focus on stainless-steel works. During this time, I also renovated, repaired, and build mobile homes. My specialized field was to upgrade the technical side of mobile homes.


After my father’s sudden death and after living in Germany for 17 years, I decided to move back to Namibia with my wife and children.


In August 2016, we took over my father’s locksmith workshop, called Swakop Mechanical Services and changed the name to Namib Campers in 2018. It was my vision to follow in my father’s footsteps.


Namibia is known for its great camping adventures, due to the fantastic weather, and the vast open spaces. This is where true freedom is found. Namibia is also known for its unique scenery and historic sights.


Our passion for camping, many years of experience, as well as our skilled craftsmanship and expertise, provides us with the opportunity to create your dream mobile home. It is our greatest goal to provide you with a high-quality product which has a uniquely handcrafted touch, that meets your needs and wants, and exceeds your overall expectations!



v.l. Stefan Lorenz, Alexandra Bauer, Stefan Bauer, Nicole Schneider
v.l. Stefan Lorenz, Alexandra Bauer, Stefan Bauer, Nicole Schneider
The Team
The Team